Endorsed by Congressman Mike Bost

U.S. Rep. Mike Bost has endorsed Godfrey Mayor Mike McCormick for another term.

“Since Mike McCormick was elected mayor, he has made it to where Godfrey has one of the lowest tax rates in Madison County,” Rep. Bost said. “He also believes strongly in small business and he believes if they thrive, it benefits everyone in the community. He is an honest and trustworthy leader. That is why today, I am endorsing Mike McCormick for mayor. I hope you get out and vote before or on April 6 and support Mike McCormick for mayor.”

McCormick responded with the following statement: “I feel very honored by endorsed by Cong. Bost and Cong. Davis, along with two state representatives and the Madison County State’s Attorney,” Mayor McCormick says. “I ask Village of Godfrey voters for their support on Tuesday, April 6.”

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