Village in Strong Fiscal Position with No Debt

As Mayor, Mike McCormick’s conservative, fiscally-responsible governing has produced a strong fiscal position for the Village, with no debt and no outstanding pension liability.

By keeping the cost of government low, the Village levies the lowest property tax rate of any municipality in Madison County. Mayor McCormick has refused to take the Board-imposed pay raise and opposed the hiring of a City Administrator.

Quality of Life: Street & Park Improvements

Through Mayor McCormick’s leadership, Godfrey has seen improvements to parks and streets, including improvements to Stamper Lane, Clifton Terrace, Pearl Street, Lars Hoffman Expressway, and more.

New lighted baseball and turfed soccer fields, parking improvements, and planning for future bike trails are enhancing the quality of life for Village residents and youth.

New Welcoming Signs And Landscaping

Mayor Mike McCormick has worked with Pride Incorporated on plans for new welcoming signs, landscaping, and event placards at the entrances of the community. The Godfrey Signs Project includes a large stone Welcome to Godfrey sign at the corner of the Benjamin Godfrey Mansion property at the intersection of Godfrey Road and Lars Hoffman Boulevard.

It will offer an established location to highlight community events and show others Godfrey is a vibrant community.

Stimulus Voucher Plan “Works Wonders” in Godfrey

A former small business owner himself, Mayor McCormick utilized the Village Business District Fund to establish a COVID voucher program that has infused more than $800,000 of support to local small businesses, in partnership with Owners have called the plan “brilliant” and “a lifesaver.” The half-price vouchers help both businesses and residents and are an example of how Godfrey is investing to preserve its economy.

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